Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers


A computer is an electronic data processing device that accepts and stores input, process the input and generates the output in the form of required format. These are instructed to carry out arbitrary sequences of arithmetic and logical operations automatically. A computer consists of many parts like system unit, monitor, CPU, keyboard, and mouse. Except for these parts it consists of modem, speakers, printers etc. The functions performed by a computer and its applications are endless but the 4 major functions performed by it are linked to data information. These functions are: entering data, manipulating the entered data, viewing the processed data and storing the data.

Computers are basically designed to convert the raw data into useful information. The computers perform operations on the basis if the instructions stored in its own memory unit. These have proved to be very useful for human beings in their daily lives. In the present era, every person is making the use of computers to make their life easy. Students start using computers at a very early age and these help the students to carry out and complete their academic tasks effectively. Working people use computers to perform their job tasks. Thus, computers have been beneficial to each one of us since its very inception.

Now we are going to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of computer.

Advantages Of Computers

  • Storage of data in digital format- Computers are very helpful in storing information of million pages in a digital format.

Play games- The present generation is very much interested in online games. Computers offer a wide range of games that are available for people. In fact, the choices available re almost unlimited.

Complex calculations- When it comes to complex calculations, human being may arrive at wrong conclusions. But, this is not the case with computers. Growing businesses are increasingly making use of spreadsheets and other available softwares in order to carry out the calculations. Computers are able to perform even the complex calculation in just a couple of seconds and arrive at accurate results.

  • Preparation and storage of various documents- With the help of word processing software and other available tools one can prepare, edit and save various documents. It is very easy for people to hold documents in paperless form.
  • PowerPoint presentations- Computer also help students and working class people to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. In the life of students, PowerPoint presentation is important as it adds to the academic grades and for working people PowerPoint presentation helps in explaining the minute details to all in detail at once. Thus, computers solve the problem easily and prove to be handy.
  • Huge storage- Computers can store huge amount of information. The present day hard-disks can store 100s of Gigabytes (GB) of information. Data regarding any field can be stored easily and safely in computers.


  • Internet- Internet is a blessing to all of us. We can solve our entire problem by making use of internet. Internet can be used for all purposes. Students can make use of internet to check and download study materials. Internet can be used by the research analysts in order to carry out various researches regarding the market conditions. Various multimedia applications can be played on internet Such as music, videos etc.


  • Reduction in cost- Computers have proved to be very helpful in bringing down the cost of various complicated tasks and have helped people in saving their time and money.


  • Accounts book- A computer helps in preparing and maintaining the books of accounts. This makes it very easy for the owner of the business to go through the various transactions that happened earlier and to keep a record of the accounts.
  • Academic writing tasks Computers and internet together serve as a boon for the students. Now students can easily work upon their academic writing tasks like essay, assignment, PowerPoint presentation etc with the help of computer. Various reference sources are available on internet can be used by students in order to complete their task efficiently.

Disadvantages Of Computers

No doubt, computers have proved to be very helpful and made the life of people very easy but it also carries its own defects at the same time. Such defects are:

  • Increase in manpower cost- In order the carry out the various operations of computers one needs to be very skilled. This has eventually resulted in increasing the cost of manpower in the organizations.


  • The ever changing technology- Technology never remains the same. It keeps on changing at a very fast rate. A new technology today may become obsolete tomorrow. This demand for a regular update of hardware and software of computers which involve a lot of time and cost. Thus, a change in technology results in a loss of time and money.


  • Viruses- The threat of virus and malware attacks always revolve around a computerized environment. In order to cope up with these risks, various software are available in the market. The problem is that such software are mainly costly.


  • Reduction in the rate of employment opportunity- Evolution of computers has negatively affected the economy. It performs so much of functions that were earlier being performed by people. Thus, people have been replaced by computers. This has ultimately resulted in reduction of employment rate.


These were various advantages and disadvantages of computers. Considering both of them, one can still say that computers provide great assistance to people and ease their lives at great.


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