Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Assignment

25.10.17 Social

Every person at some point of time is asked to work in group, be it while the person is in school, college or is working. There are many situations in the life of a person that calls for teamwork. There are occasions when a person has a choice of opting for teamwork or to work individually. Both the aspects of performing the task in a group or individually comes along with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Under this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working in a group.

Working in a group is a situation under which certain number of people is assigned a particular task that they have to perform together. The basic objective of making people work in a group is to get the most out of them.

Advantages of working in a group-

  • Leads to more productive output- One of the major benefit of working in a group is that it leads to production of output in the most efficient and productive manner. When people work together as a team towards attaining a specific goal they tend to work in the best possible manner in order to come up with the best possible output. Thus, group assignment leads to the best outcome of any assigned task.
  • Availability of more resources- When we work individually we are not left with limited resources that are available to and for us but when we work in a group we have the access to resources available with all the members of group which are available for use by all members. Thus, group assignments leads to the availability of more resources with the help of which the task can be performed more efficiently.
  • Reliability on team members- One of the cons of working in a group is that the team members can rely on each other. For instance, if any team member is sick or cannot contribute due to any emergency his/ her task can be performed by any other member. Thus, he/ she can rely on other members in times of need. This will ultimately result in no delay of the task to be performed. Such reliability is not possible in working individually.
  • New ideas and methods- Working in a group gives birth to many new ideas and methods of performing a particular task. All the team members come up with their ideas of performing the task in an efficient manner. Thus, many alternative methods are available to execute the assigned task. The team members after analyzing all the available ideas choose the best possible one to complete the task in best possible manner.
  • Exchange of information- When performing the task in a group, it is possible for all the members to exchange necessary information with each other. This exchange of information leads to exchange of ideas, suggestions etc that act as a productive source for the task that is being performed. Thus, the team is able to come up with the most efficient and effective output.

Disadvantages of working in a group-

Even when group assignments have a lot of advantages, at the same time, there are many disadvantages of working in a group. Making people work in a group is not that easy a task and calls for a lot of efforts and time. Here we are going to discuss some negative aspects of working in a group.

  • Decision making is time consuming- When one is performing the task individually, he/ she is able to make quick decisions with regard to any situation but the situation is not same while working in group. When people perform a particular task together, there are situations or circumstances that require attention and decision making. When it comes to decision making, different members have different view points for the same situation. Thus, it takes a lot of time for the group members to settle down at one idea and arrive at decision.
  • Avoidance of work- When people perform the task in a group it becomes for some members to avoid the work because they know that if they did not do a particular task someone else will do it. Thus, it becomes possible to avoid work which is not possible when a person perform the task individually.
  • Time- consuming task- The overall task of performing in a group can be time- consuming since each task requires agreement, co-ordination, and co-operation from all.
  • Reduced productivity- When the task is being performed in a group, some members get the chance to loaf around. Such loafing around and gossiping may result in reducing the productivity of the task being performed.
  • Internal conflicts- When people work in a group, the possibility of disagreement and conflict between them is always there. They may also sometimes nit like to work with each other. All these conflicts lead to delay in the performance of the task and even results in the loss of productivity. Such conflicts also put a stop on the flow of task being performed.
  • Inequality in the participation- When a task is assigned to a certain group to be performed chances of unequal distribution of work among the team members is possible. There are chances that some members may perform more work than others.

People can perform better when working in a group but at the same time they may lead to the loss of productivity in performing the task. Thus, it is very important to have more alike members in the group that adds to the efficiency and productivity of the outcome.


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